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We'll virtually meet your child. Anywhere. Anytime. Just Call or Text  281-614-2445.

It's almost like a house call, but like FaceTime with your doctor! Using your phone, connect with a Bay Colony Pediatrics physician or advanced practitioner from your home or anywhere, anytime! In English, Spanish, and other languages! There is no need to visit the urgent care!

How does this work?

We use which is secure and HIPAA compliant. Video conferencing with your physician works very similarly to in-person visits. Your physician will review your medical history and symptoms, examine your child and will provide a treatment plan, including prescribing medication if needed. Our in-house pharmacy can deliver your prescriptions, for free, depending on the day, time and location. Not all medical conditions can be covered by a televisit. When you contact us we’ll clarify. 

Ready to schedule your televisit appointment? Call or text (text only during business hours) our office at 281-614-2445 and we’ll schedule an appointment time. We’ll send you a link for the televisit. Please do not use the old links and wait in the virtual room, as we might not see the notification. Just click the new link from your cell phone or laptop and you are all set! Please join 10 minutes before the scheduled time. As soon as you connect, we’ll ask for a consent to treat via televisit and collect copays if applicable. Remember, an office visit may be required depending on the diagnosis.


Normally, everything goes smoothly. However due to the COVID-19 (coronavirus) pandemic, there are a lot of televisits being done all over the world. The servers and internet often get overloaded.




Have your child with you in a well lit room that is quiet. Direct sunlight from a window on your child, is preferred. 

Televisits work best with computers or laptops, with a camera, connected directly to the internet. If not available, it also works on your smart phone with cellular data or wifi. 

Be ready with: your child's temperature and weight, current medications and pharmacy details, flashlight, and a list of your questions.


Login 5-10 minutes before your scheduled appointment time, using the patient's name. You will be in a virtual waiting room.

Move around until you get a good signal. You must give consent to to access your camera and microphone. If this access does not work, go to your phone settings and change access.

Sometimes, switching to another phone also works. However, we have to send you another text with a link.

Our medical assistant will connect with you, obtain consent, collect any copay, and ask various questions on the chief complaint, history, and medications. 


When the provider joins in, they will ask additional questions, perform an exam, give a diagnosis, prescribe medications, and send referrals (if needed). Our in-house pharmacy can deliver your prescriptions or refills.


An office visit may be required depending on the condition treated. We might send you to an urgent care for an immediate test or ER as needed. We will also make a followup visit if needed


Please log off from after the visit. Do not save the link.

Please give us feedback so we can improve your experience. If you have additional questions, please call 281-614-2445.

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