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Hospitals, Labs, Imaging


Dr. Ramchandra has priviledges at HCA Houston Clear Lake, formerly known as Clear Lake Regional Medical Center. If you are having your baby delivered at this hospital please let your OB know so that Dr. Ramchandra may visit you in the hospital and check up on your little one. We also use HCA Houston Clear Lake for some labs such as bilirubin and imaging studies such as: x-rays, ultrasounds, MRIs or CTs.


Please avoid going to the ER unless it is a real emergency. Please call us and we will direct you. Remember that our providers are on call 24/7. For true emergencies we recommend taking your child to HCA Houston Clear Lake ER, they have a Pediatric ER and will forward important information about your visit to us immediately following your discharge. We are integrated with HCA Houston Clear Lake and we get notifications and can access all medical records. UTMB Clear Lake Campus also has a Pediatric ER now.


HCA Houston Clear Lake

500 Medical Center Blvd.

Webster, TX 77598

Telephone: (281) 332-2511

Directions from our office to HCA Houston Clear Lake

UTMB Clear Lake Campus

200 Blossom St

Webster, TX 77598

Telephone: (832) 632-6500

Directions from our office to UTMB Clear Lake Campus


You may also be referred to Lakeside MRI for imaging studies.


Lakeside MRI

17360 Highway 3

Webster, TX 77598

Telephone: (281) 338-5575

Fax: (281) 554-8407

Directions from our office to Lakeside MRI


Most of our external labs are done by Quest. We are fully integrated with Quest so we send the lab requests electronically, and results come back into the patient chart. If you need to go to Quest for a blood draw, making an online appointment with Quest is the fastest way to be seen without a wait.


Quest Lab

Please call 1-888-277-8772 to schedule an appointment or click here and make your own appointment to the location closest to you. Quest allows walk-ins, but appointments take priority.

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