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In-house Pharmacy

For the convenience of our patients, we took steps to bring in an in-house pharmacy.


We have teamed up with Santa Fe Pharmacy, independently owned by Dr. Lucy Barrachina, to provide prescription services inside of our office. They have a number of pharmacists including, Dr. Jaime Barrachina, Dr. Brandon Blake, and their pharmacy technician Joe Sandoval to take care of all of your needs. Santa Fe Pharmacy operates the same hours as our office in order to allow parents to get their child's medication shortly after they are seen by a provider. They carry all of the medicines we prescribe (and more). If any issues arise, for example a prior authorization is needed by your insurance or a medication is out of stock, the pharmacist can quickly let us know so we can address the issue and avoid delay in the patient receiving their medication. They have competitive prices and they price match.


They offer free home delivery! Contact them at 832-340-7230, if you have any additional questions.

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