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Lab Testing


We value your time and want to determine what is going on with your child quickly and efficiently. We want to get you back to your normal routine and get you the rest you probably missed out on because your little one was up all night not feeling well. We also understand that it can be hectic to go to the lab for bloodwork with more than one child or to have to make another appointment at a specialist’s clinic for tests. This is why we perform many of these tests in our office.

All of the tests we perform in the office take just a few minutes to give our providers crucial information that allows them to make real-time clinical decisions that provide a more effective course of treatment. We do a large of tests including DNA tests for viruses and bacteria, in house. We also do in house tests for our Healthy Lifestyles, Asthma, and Diabetes programs. We also draw blood if needed, to send samples to Quest.

The focus is convenience to the patient.

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