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Sports Physicals


At Bay Colony Pediatrics we perform comprehensive sports exams for youths and teens who are planning to join a competitive sport or activity to ensure they are fit and healthy to participate. A sports exam helps determine or detect the following:


  • Overall health of the athlete

  • Conditions which could lead to injury

  • Development and physical maturity of the athlete

  • Congenital anomalies which could increase risk of injury

  • Family history which could increase risk of injury


We ask that you bring your completed sports physical form given by your school or organization to your appointment. There are several important questions on those forms that must be reviewed with you while in the office. Since most schools require that the sports physical be completed after April 1st for the next academic year, please time your visit.


The following are school forms and links to their athletic departments where most of our patients come from. Please check both for updated information. If your district is not listed below, please bring the official form. We cannot use a generic form: 



Why do youth need a physical before joining a sports team?

Many of the states have a legal requirement for young athletes to have a medical assessment before a sports season begins. Most schools will also have a specific date the physical must be performed on or after to be considered valid. Young people develop and change at a rapid pace, and an athlete’s health and well-being can be affected. While routine checkups provide the opportunity to monitor a child’s development, sports physicals supplement annual exams and focus specifically on his or her physical health and ability to participate in sport. The requirements for sports participation vary depending on school district and state; most sports teams require an annual physical and vaccination record to protect the overall well-being of the sports teams and to protect the overall health of the young athlete.


What is the difference between an annual exam and a sports physical?

The sports physical specifically checks a young athlete’s health and physical condition to ensure that he or she is fit and capable of participating in a specific sport without undue risk of injury. An annual physical exam monitors the development and health of a child and is an opportunity for developmental as well as medical screenings. In both physicals, the doctor will perform a variety of tests and checks to record the child’s progress. Many of the tests and measurements administered during a sports exam are similar to those of a standard annual physical but are reviewed with a specific view as to how the results indicate the child will perform in his or her sport.


At Bay Colony Pediatrics we also perform Dental Clearance Physical Exams and Head Start Physical Exams. These physicals are also different from an annual wellness exam. Please call or text us for an appointment. Please make sure you bring the forms given to you by your dentist or school with you to your appointment to avoid delay in completion.

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