We love helping parents keep their children healthy as they grow and develop. We're also here to help when kids aren't well. Dr. Ramchandra and her team of skilled physician assistants and nurse practitioners are equipped and experienced in handling many problems, large or small. We recognize that illness doesn't keep "9 to 5" hours and parents need to go to work. We take pride in offering our extended office hours, staying open on Saturdays, and offering an array of procedures in the office.

Before heading to the ER keep in mind the many procedures we do in the office. Kids stay busy and sometimes accidents happen. The providers at Bay Colony Pediatrics are able to apply staples or sutures to lacerations in a calm and pain free environment. We keep mom and dad close to provide comfort to the child and use a topical agent to minimize discomfort. When staples or sutures need to be removed, the medical provider will gently remove these. We also offer umbilical cord granuloma treatment and incision and drainage of abscesses.

Dr. Ramchandra has taken the time to diligently train her other providers to perform multiple in office procedures in a manner that will not cause the child distress. Pesky warts that don’t go away, waxy ears, or the occasional bead in the nose or ear can be taken care of at our office. Call or text us today to make an appointment.

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