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Drive Through Sick Clinic + COVID-19 Testing

June 9th


We have exciting news for all of our patients at Bay Colony Pediatrics. We have just opened our new location for drive through sick visits and COVID-19 testing. Our patient focus has driven us to take these unique steps.


All sick visits will be done in the drive through, either in your car or in our exam area set up OUTSIDE the building. You do not have to be afraid to go into a doctor's office, if you feel there is chance of getting infected.

We are also testing for COVID and we have been getting results within 24-48 hours. This can increase depending on the number of COVID-19 tests done by the lab. We will inform you the following day with your results. We collect the sample in our office and real time RCT PCR FDA authorized testing is done by a Houston lab. As per the lab company, the test in 100% accurate. It's FREE for patients with insurance (Medicaid or Private).


Please follow these steps for our new operation:

1) Call or text our office, 281-614-2445 and they will ask questions on your conditions. All patients with any signs of infection or suspicious travel or contact history will be sent to to the new site.

2) Drive up to the entrance and park underneath the covered entryway from the LEFT lane and please wait, with the driver-side door facing the entrance. If you see another vehicle, please park near the handicapped area, and wait your turn.

3) Please stay in your car and our doctor or medical assistant will meet up with you and you can step out to the private exam area with your child.

4) The doctor will meet you and perform exams, tests, and send prescriptions like we do in our regular clinic.

5) If we are running a test, you may leave and we will call or text you with your results. You can also wait in the front parking lot.


You will never have to step inside a room or building, if you feel there is a chance of getting infected!

The exam space is sanitized completely after every patient!

Our staff and providers will be in full protective gear in a gown, mask and full face shield. And of course, they will wash their hands before and after seeing patients. 


This drive through facility is located at 2755 FM646 Road West, Dickinson, TX, 77539 in the old Hall Academy building, opposite Bay Colony Elementary. It is just one traffic light away from our clinic, on the right hand side.  

The Bay Colony Pediatrics team is taking these extraordinary measures to ensure that we provide the highest quality and safety of care for you and your family. Thank you for your cooperation during these challenging times.

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