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May 1st


We at Bay Colony Pediatrics have had the privilege of taking care of our community’s children in both sickness and in health for over 14 years. We want to reassure you that we will continue to provide healthcare to your children in the safest possible manner. As you might be aware, we are one of the few clinics which have separate well and sick clinics. We are also making the following additional changes to our business operations:

The biggest change we will be making is that we will not see any patient with signs of an infectious disease, starting in May, inside our clinic. These patients will be either seen via televisit or physically seen in our parking lot. 

1. When you call us for an appointment, we will triage over the phone. This ensures that we can screen everyone for COVID-19 symptoms over the phone. Anyone with concerning signs and symptoms will be directed to go for additional testing or to the emergency room, which has the equipment and staff to address a true COVID-19 infection.


2. If you are not a candidate for the emergency room, we will decide if we can do a tele-visit. In order to maintain social distancing as advised by the CDC and WHO along with minimizing risk of exposure, our healthcare providers at BCP are prepared to assess and treat your child with our televisit capabilities.


3. If we cannot do a televisit, we will arrange an appointment time for you and your child to come to the office physically. Every visitor to our clinic must have a mask or a face covering. 


4. Please text us once you arrive at the parking lot. Our doors will be locked and someone will be there to get you. We will measure the temperature of both the parent and the child. The medical assistant will ask you additional questions. If you do not have a suspected infectious condition and if a room is available, we will place you immediately.  If a room is not available and your child is here for a check up, we ask that you wait in your car.


5. If your child is sick, then the provider will come outside to the parking lot to examine and access the child. Your car is now the exam room! 


6. Once the visit is over, we will send your prescriptions. If your child is receiving a prescription at Santa Fe Pharmacy, we ask that you wait in your car until the prescription is ready. If you child is waiting for prescriptions for a check up, we ask that you wait in the Well Side Waiting Room.

7. Regardless of whether your child is in a sick or well space at BCP, our staff will sanitize the entire exam room after each visit with appropriate cleaning agents that are FDA and Center for Disease Control (CDC) approved.

All of our staff members will be using personal protective equipment such as: gloves, masks, and face shields, all times when they are in contact with patients. When they see a patient with a suspected infectious condition, in the parking lot, they will additionally be in a gown and full face shield. And of course, they will wash their hands before and after seeing patients. 

Bay Colony Pediatrics also endorses all of the recommendations made by the Center for Disease Control (CDC) on strategies to minimize COVID-19 exposure:

The Bay Colony Pediatrics team stands ready to assist you and your family. Thank you for your cooperation during these extraordinary and challenging times.

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