Illnesses & Symptoms

Illnesses & Symptoms

Below are common symptoms listed in alphabetical order. Please click on the symptom, this will take you to another page where you can learn more such as: the definition, the cause, when to call the doctor, obtain care advice, and see photos.

Abdominal Pain – Female English

Abdominal Pain – Female Spanish

Abdominal Pain – Male English

Abdominal Pain – Male Spanish

Acne English

Acne Spanish

Animal or Human Bite English

Animal or Human Bite Spanish

Antibiotics: How do they work? English

Antibiotics: How do they work? Spanish

Arm Injury English

Arm Injury Spanish

Arm Pain English

Arm Pain Spanish

Asthma Attack English

Asthma Attack Spanish

Athlete’s Foot English

Athlete’s Foot Spanish

Back Pain English

Back Pain Spanish

Bed Bug Bite English

Bed Bug Bite Spanish

Bee or Yellow Jacket Sting English

Bee or Yellow Jacket Sting Spanish

Blisters English

Blisters Spanish

Bottle- Feeding (Formula) Questions English

Bottle- Feeding (Formula) Questions Spanish

Breast- Feeding Questions English

Breast- Feeding Questions Spanish

Breath- holding Spell English

Breath-holding Spell Spanish

Bruises and Cuts English

Bruises and Cuts Spanish

Burn English

Burn Spanish

Chest Pain English

Chest Pain Spanish

Chickenpox English

Chickenpox Spanish

Circumcision Problems English

Circumcision Problems Spanish

Colds English

Colds Spanish

Constipation English

Constipation Spanish

Cough English

Cough Spanish

Coughs: Meds or Home Remedies? English

Coughs: Meds or Home Remedies? Spanish

Cracked or Dry Skin English

Cracked or Dry Skin Spanish

Cradle Cap English

Cradle Cap Spanish

Croup English

Croup Spanish

Crying Baby- Before 3 Months Old English

Crying Baby- Before 3 Months Old Spanish

Crying Child- 3 Months and Older English

Crying Child- 3 Months and Older Spanish

Cut, Scrape, or Bruise English

Cut, Scrape, or Bruise Spanish

Diaper Rash English

Diaper Rash Spanish

Diarrhea English

Diarrhea Spanish

Diarrhea Disease from Travel English

Diarrhea Disease from Travel Spanish

Dizziness English

Dizziness Spanish

Drinking Fluids- Decreased English

Drinking Fluids- Decreased Spanish

Dry Skin English

Dry Skin Spanish

Ear- Congestion English

Ear- Congestion Spanish

Ear- Discharge English

Ear- Discharge Spanish

Ear- Injury English

Ear- Injury Spanish

Ear- Pulling At or Rubbing English

Ear- Pulling At or Rubbing Spanish

Ear- Swimmer’s English

Ear- Swimmer’s Spanish

Ear Infection Questions English

Ear Infection Questions Spanish

Earache English

Earache Spanish

Earwax Buildup English

Earwax Buildup Spanish

Ebola Exposure English

Ebola Exposure Spanish

Eczema English

Eczema Spanish

Emergency Symptoms Not To Miss English

Emergency Symptoms Not To Miss Spanish

Eye- Allergy English

Eye- Allergy Spanish

Eye- Foreign Body or Object English

Eye- Foreign Body or Object Spanish

Eye – Injury English

Eye – Injury Spanish

Eye- Pus or Discharge English

Eye- Pus or Discharge Spanish

Eye- Red without Pus English

Eye- Red without Pus Spanish

Eye- Swelling English

Eye- Swelling Spanish

Fainting English

Fainting Spanish

Fever English

Fever Spanish

Fever- How To Take the Temperature English

Fever- How To Take the Temperature Spanish

Fever- Myths Versus Facts English

Fever- Myths Versus Facts Spanish

Fever Video

Fifth Disease English

Fifth Disease Spanish

Finger Injury English

Finger Injury Spanish

Fire Ant Sting English

Fire Ant Sting Spanish

Flu English

Flu Spanish

Fluid Intake Decreased English

Fluid Intake Decreased Spanish

Food Allergy English

Food Allergy Spanish

Foreskin Care Questions English

Foreskin Care Questions Spanish

Frostbite English

Frostbite Spanish

Genital Injury- Female English

Genital Injury- Female Spanish

Genital Injury- Male English

Genital Injury- Male Spanish

Hair Loss English

Hair Loss Spanish

Hand-Foot-And-Mouth Disease English

Hand-Foot-And-Mouth Disease Spanish

Hay Fever English

Hay Fever Spanish

Head Injury English

Head Injury Spanish

Headache English

Headache Spanish

Heat Exposure and Reactions English

Heat Exposure and Reactions Spanish

Heat Rash English

Heat Rash Spanish

Hives English

Hives Spanish

Human or Animal Bite English

Human or Animal Bite Spanish

Immunization Reactions English

Immunization Reactions Spanish

Impetigo- Infected Sores English

Impetigo- Infected Sores Spanish

Infection Exposure Questions English

Infection Exposure Questions Spanish

Influenza- Seasonal English

Influenza- Seasonal Spanish

Influenza- Exposure English

Influenza- Exposure Spanish

Insect Bite English

Insect Bite Spanish

Jaundiced Newborn English

Jaundiced Newborn Spanish

Jellyfish Sting English

Jellyfish Sting Spanish

Jock Itch English

Jock Itch Spanish

Leg Injury English

Leg Injury Spanish

Leg Pain English

Leg Pain Spanish

Lice- Head English

Lice- Head Spanish

Lymph Nodes – Swollen English

Lymph Nodes – Swollen Spanish

Medication- Refusal to Take English

Medication- Refusal to Take Spanish

Menstrual Camps English

Menstrual Camps Spanish

Menstrual Period- Missed or Late English

Menstrual Period- Missed or Late Spanish

Mental Health Problems English

Mental Health Problems Spanish

Molluscum English

Molluscum Spanish

Mosquito Bite English

Mosquito Bite Spanish

Mosquito-Borne Diseases from Travel English

Mosquito-Borne Diseases from Travel Spanish

Motion Sickness English

Motion Sickness Spanish

Mouth Injury English

Mouth Injury Spanish

Mouth Ulcers English

Mouth Ulcers Spanish

Neck Pain or Stiffness English

Neck Pain or Stiffness Spanish

Newborn Appearance Questions English

Newborn Appearance Questions Spanish

Newborn Illness- How to Recognize English

Newborn Illness- How to Recognize Spanish

Newborn Rashes and Birthmarks English

Newborn Rashes and Birthmarks Spanish

Newborn Reflexes and Behavior English

Newborn Reflexes and Behavior Spanish

Nose Allergy (Hay Fever) English

Nose Allergy (Hay Fever) Spanish

Nose Injury English

Nose Injury Spanish

Nosebleed English

Nosebleed Spanish

Penis- Scrotum Symptoms English

Penis- Scrotum Symptoms Spanish

Pinworms English

Pinworms Spanish

Poison Ivy - Oak - Sumac English

Poison Ivy - Oak - Sumac Spanish

Puncture Wound English

Puncture Wound Spanish

Rash or Redness – Localized English

Rash or Redness – Localized Spanish

Rash or Redness- Widespread English

Rash or Redness- Widespread Spanish

Reflux (Spitting Up) English

Reflux (Spitting Up) Spanish

Ringworm English

Ringworm Spanish

Roseola English

Roseola Spanish

Scabies English

Scabies Spanish

Scorpion Sting English

Scorpion Sting Spanish

Scrape English

Scrape Spanish

Sinus Pain and Congestion English

Sinus Pain and Congestion Spanish

Skin Foreign Body or Object English

Skin Foreign Body or Object Spanish

Skin Injury English

Skin Injury Spanish

Skin Lump English

Skin Lump Spanish

Sliver or Splinter English

Sliver or Splinter Spanish

Sore Throat English

Sore Throat Spanish

Spider Bite English

Spider Bite Spanish

Spitting Up- Reflux English

Spitting Up- Reflux Spanish

Stomach Pain – Female English

Stomach Pain – Female Spanish

Stomach Pain – Male English

Stomach Pain – Male Spanish

Stools – Blood in English

Stools – Blood in Spanish

Stools – Unusual Color English

Stools – Unusual Color Spanish

Strep Throat Exposure English

Strep Throat Exposure Spanish

Strep Throat Infection English

Strep Throat Infection Spanish

Sty English

Sty Spanish

Sunburn English

Sunburn Spanish

Suture Questions English

Suture Questions Spanish

Swallowed Foreign Body or Object English

Swallowed Foreign Body or Object Spanish

Swallowed Harmless Substance English

Swallowed Harmless Substance Spanish

Swimmer’s Itch – Lakes and Oceans English

Swimmer’s Itch – Lakes and Oceans Spanish

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