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Clinical Trials

We have been playing a significant role in pediatric and adult clinical trials since early 2020. We have been actively involved in the development of COVID-19 treatment and prevention protocols. These are studies to treat patients who have COVID-19, prevent patients who are exposed to COVID-19 from getting infected, study the effectiveness of vaccines, and effectiveness of COVID-19 testing kits. Some major clinical  trials in which Dr. Ramchandra has conducted, is ongoing, or about to start are 


  • Monoclonal Antibody IV Treatment (Regeneron) for adults positive with COVID-19 - COMPLETE

  • COVID Vaccine Immunogenesis Study (adults only)

  • Moderna Vaccine for children (ages 6mo - 12 yrs)

  • Monoclonal Antibody Oral Treatment/Prevention (ages 12 - 18 yrs)

  • Infectious disease study of COVID-19 patients

  • At-home antigen testing kits

  • Meningococcal vaccine study for children (ages 6 months and above)

  • Constipation Study (ages 6 months and above)

There are more studies in the pipeline and will be announced when its approved. If you are interested in participating in one of our clinical trials, click the box below to learn more contact our research team.


COVID Vaccine Immunogenesis
(ages 18 +)

Get paid for your COVID-19 vaccine!
We have a paid program that will allow COVID-19 vaccine participants to be paid before and after receiving their vaccine. Pfizer or J&J.

You will be asked to donate blood before receiving your first vaccine and at several time points after your second dose.

You will be paid $50 each time you donate blood – Up to $400

Must be at least 18 years of age


Monoclonal Antibody Oral Treatment/Prevention  (ages 12 +)

Don't want COVID 19 vaccine but still want protection? There is evidence that monoclonal antibodies prevent people from COVID-19.  Participants will be compensated $76 for each in-person visit (up to $836 total). Must NOT have received the COVID vaccine, 12 years and up and negative for COVID 19.  


Infectious Disease Study of COVID-19 Patients

Have you had COVID-19 within the last 6 months?  We are looking for volunteers to donate blood to help create new medications to prevent and treat COVID-19.  Participants will be asked to donate blood one time and will receive $50 for their participation.


Meningococcal Vaccine Study for Children  (ages 6 months +)

Research shows that receiving the meningitis vaccine at a younger age diminishes the risk of acquiring meningitis.  We are looking for healthy babies (6-7 months) to join the meningitis prevention program.  Participants will receive up to $200 for their time and effort.

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Moderna Vaccine for Children 
(ages 12 and under)

Have your children been vaccinated?  We have a new program to vaccinate children from 6 months to the age of 12.  In addition to protecting your children against COVID-19, you will be paid up to $540 for your participation this program. Starting soon. 

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Constipation Study (ages 6 months +)

Is your child experiencing constipation?  Be a part of a program to improve the frequency and reduce symptoms of chronic constipation.  Participants will earn up to $600 for their participation. 

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